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hopeful holds the tension/ dew jewels cling the sway/ clasped tight against the world/ not yet knowing it's ok/ the waiting deepens color/ trying to accept every sun ray/ gathering its truth song/ beauty at bay so long/ awaiting opening to day/

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The traveling times

So... I thought I enjoyed traveling a lot more than I actually do...or a lot more than I actually did, I think. I discovered this this past weekend when I was hanging out with a friend and attempting to show her pictures and tell her about my trip. I don't (yet) look back on this summer as a an experience that I would want to repeat, but didn't realize it until I attempted to share pictures and stories (something ) thought I really wanted to do with friends). Part of the reason for this difficulty might just be that this summer was actually a really painful experience for many reasons (spiritual, emotional, etc.); it could also just be the nature of this summer's trip: by myself for most of it, and a lot of God digging around and poking and surgerizing me. I could also not like traveling as much as I thought I did because I'm not running anymore; I missed my church and friends here TERRIBLY. Apparently, there's still a lot to process about last summer...

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