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Monday, November 9, 2009

Bending in Oregon, Part 2: The scenery

Bend is a quaint, arts-oriented, somewhat historic gathering between hills of central Oregon (the Cascades) and water (the Deschutes River). Many a hiking trail invite nature lovers, wanderers and pray-ers further into the mystery that is nature. Rocks and trees and skies and things freely appear on and as the landscape surrounding the town; dogs and explorers mingle among the seemingly untouched (save for the hiking suggestions softly snaking through) wild.

Between the awards ceremony on Wednesday, and a writer's workshop on Friday, we had one full day of "break" between; Mark and I hiked the natural beauty of Bend while our friend studied her Greek (she's in Seminary) at one of Bend's many original (I don't remember seeing a Starbucks in the entire town...) and cute coffee shops (one of whose ceiling is pictured at the right).
After that, we met for a tailgate lunch of hummus, rice, sandwiches and snacks. Then, we hung out in Dudley's - a coffee shop/bookshop before heading to a pub of some sort...

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