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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Colorado Christmas

This past week, I (it was supposed to be me and a boy, like it was last year but...) was in Colorado - in the house I grew up - for Christmas. My computer refused to run the internet, so I couldn't update from "home"; I'll do just a brief overview of my holiday trip now that I'm back here in Seattle:
Every year (it's been three since I moved out of state), it gets weirder. For example, I now how only one living grandparent left - and she's the cutest thing ever! And, the crazy dog I've known for the last ten years is mellowing out - my sister says it's because he's now "geriatric." Also, my 'little' brother is now bigger than me. My dad warned my sister and I to "be nice to him because one day he will be bigger than you" - but he didn't say anything about being picked up and carried around the cousins' house on Christmas Eve...:-P

Anyway, it snowed the first couple days I was there, but I did get to see the sun! My siblings and I went swimming - I had a REALLY hard time breathing (altitude much?) - and I played racquetball with my brother and my dad. I went to the museum with my out-of-state cousins (whom I grew up seeing about once a year). I had breakfast with my mom and Nana (each of us are the oldest kid in our respective families!), which Nana was VERY excited about! The family traditions, for the most part, fell by the wayside this year, which was a bit disappointing for me, but I got to spend a lot of time with my family! I also got more Christmas presents (as stocking "stuffers") - than expected - including the COOLEST new "pajama" (I'm going to wear them everywhere, though, just to brighten up soggy Seattle!) pants! (Oh, and my mom MADE that stocking...a really long time ago!) Our family and one of my mom's sister's family got Nana a cell phone for Christmas, too, and one one of my cousins gave each of us (there are seven "snowflakes" [grandkids - my grandparents' last name is Snow] total) money folded in really cool ways - like a ring, a "cootie catcher" (remember those?), a shoe and a bow tie! We played charades until midnight at my in-state cousins' house on Christmas Eve, and Scattergories until about 10:30 Christmas night (both family traditions!).
Wow. Christmas 2009 is over. That means it's almost been a DECADE since Y2K (though now they're saying the world is going to end in 2012) and that, by the end of next year, over half the snowflakes will be of legal age. It also means that I'll be graduating from college and I'll almost be a quarter of a century old!
Happy New Year!

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